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I don’t normally do beauty product posts, just because I never really purchased that many of them, and I think there are many, many blogs who do it much better than I ever could. Example: Natalie, over at The Mustard Jumper knows her beauty products inside out (and who I recently had the pleasure of meeting and she is just lovely, so pop over and read her blog when you can!) Basically, when it came to skincare, I did enough to get by. I’m much more interested in make-up, but lately I’ve been trying to really invest more in my skin, which basically means I’m spending more dollars on expensive skincare stuff. I just turned 32, and let’s face it, those wrinkles around my eyes aren’t getting any shallower, know what I mean?

But I’m definitely realising that investing in quality products is worth it. These are the most recent things I’ve purchased, and I’ve been impressed with themĀ  so much that I wanted to give them the shout-out they deserve.

Dermalogica Normal/Dry Skin Kit
RRP: $50AUD (but it was on sale for $41AUD)
I always wanted to try dermalogica stuff, but honestly I hate shelling out a lot of money for a big bottle of something that won’t work with my skin. I was in the chemist recently and they were having a storewide sale, and this little kit of minis was only $41. So I figured it was a great excuse to try a few of their different products, and I love that they are travel sized, so I don’t have to mess around buying those little empty bottles to put all my skincare stuff in when we travel to Sydney soon. The kit includes special cleansing gel, multi-active toner, skin smoothing cream, gentle cream exfoliant and an intensive eye repair cream. I’m liking the products so far, and I just am really happy when I can get all the skincare products I need in travel size. Honestly, travel sized anything makes me happy.

Philosophy Miracle Worker RRP: $80AUD
The description on the bottle says “miraculous anti-aging concentrate”, and it is a thick-ish serum. You only need to use a couple of pumps to get good coverage all over your face, and since using this I have noticed my skin definitely has a brightness to it that was not there before. I can tell this by how I look under the fluorescent lights in the work toilets – I usually look grey and half asleep, but I my skin has been looking a LOT clearer in there lately, so I know this serum must be doing something. I recommend it, and that’s coming from someone who DOES NOT enjoy heavy, oily things on her skin. This serum feels like it could be oily, but once you apply it, it soaks in straight away and there is no residue left on the surface. I do worry that once it’s finished, there will still be a lot of the serum inside the bottle that the pump won’t reach, which is always the downfall of products that are in a pump pack, but we’ll see. Also worth noting is that I bought this at the new Mecca Maxima shop at Southland. SO GOOD to have a Mecca store somewhere other than Chadstone! It’s much roomier and allows for a bit more browsing, and I quite enjoyed the experience shopping there.

Oriental Botanicals Hairpro RRP: $20AUD approx.
After I had my daughter nearly two years ago (TWO YEARS. WHAT), I had the most horrific post-natal hair loss. I am fairly certain I lost quite literally close to fifty percent of my hair, which is fine in texture, but I had a LOT of it before giving birth. It’s never regained its thickness, despite me taking silica tablets to help things along. I was in the chemist the other day and the woman working there told me she was a naturopath and that this Hairpro stuff, which is for alopecia, hair loss and premature greying, is better than silica. So I gave it a shot. I’ve only been taking it for about three weeks, so I haven’t magically woken up with Kate Middleton’s fabulous hair just yet, but MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. I also wonder if taking these has contributed to the brightness in my skin tone, since I started taking these capsules at the same time I started using the philosophy serum, but who knows. I shall just continue plying myself with anti-aging, anti-hair loss things until I one day look like I just stepped off a yacht in Monaco in the height of Summer with the golden bronzed, youthful skin of an heiress who’s never worked a day in her life.

A girl can dream, right?

Until next time,

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3 comments on “Beauty Products – March 2014

  1. Natalie

    You are too kind x

    Dermalogica is one of those brands I just can’t get into because I won’t pay $50-100 for something on spec. That travel kit looks great, more brands should do them.

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      Nat the special cleansing gel is really great! A little bit goes a loooong way, and it made my face feel super clean but not dried out, so recommend that one in particular.

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