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I have had this entry in the back of my mind since I went to The Design Market in November. If you’re feeling fatigued by the same old same old stuff in the shops and need some retail therapy with a less mainstream feel, then these retailers are worth checking out.

Image source: Poppies for Grace

Poppies for Grace has the most lovely stationary and party decorations. I am a sucker for stationary. All that beautiful, blank paper with pretty envelopes and stickers just waiting to be written on. And you just can’t find stuff like this in shops, unless you go to kikki.k, but their stuff is can be a little too Nordic-ly (new word) designed. I mean, I love it, but sometimes I want something a little more artistic. Poppies for Grace has really pretty stuff, and if you want to take a break from all that texting and Facebooking and actually send a written piece of snail mail for the first time in fifteen years, take a look at their stuff.

Image source: Naomi Murrell

Naomi Murrell’s jewellery drew me in as soon as I saw it. Delicate and pretty, and of course I fell in love with the most expensive necklace when I had a look on the website that night! Some of the stuff is quite plain and simple, but sometimes when you’re colour blocking it up and mixing patterns and prints and all that fashion jazz, you just want a really simple accessory to throw on as you leave for work, am I right? (I am).

Image source: One Sunday Morning

One Sunday Morning has homewares that are quirky and just this side of whimiscal. I noticed the heart shaped clock they had because I have something very similar pinned on my Decorating Ideas Pinterest board. The woman at the stall told me you can choose any part of a map and they’ll do their best to make it, which is nice if you have a particular place that is special to you. This is definitely something on my wish list.

Image source: Otto & Spike

Otto & Spike had the most gorgeous display of scarves at The Design Market. Of course, it was one of the first hot days of Spring, so I don’t know how much attention people paid to wool scarves, but the colours and patterns caught my eye. I love a good scarf in Winter, especially something bright and colourful. Too often winter scarves are in dark, dull colours, maybe to remind us all how cold it is and how we cannot be stimulated by colour lest we get our hopes up for a sunny day, but I’ve always thought the brighter the better when it comes to my winter wardrobe. I’ll definitely be adding one of these to my already heavily laden scarf hanger in a couple of months.

Image source: Retro Print Revival

Retro Print Revival had the most awesome lamps. They use retro fabrics that slip into lamp shade covers, giving each piece a unique and funky feel. When I looked at the display lamps I noticed that the fabric was fairly easily removable, meaning you could change the fabrics up to suit your mood. One day you could have a nice, colourful paisley, one day you could rock a 60s geometric, another day you could go with a solid hot pink. The options are endless. They also have a variety of lamp base styles, but I liked the wooden ones the best. Super cool.

Image source: The Mod Collective

The Mod Collective was by far my favourite stall at The Design Market. The bright gelato colours of their porcelain dinnerwear was so pretty and so eye catching. The pieces are both smooth and textured, and they are sold as single items, so you could create a whole dinner setting by mixing it up with colours and textures. Quite honestly, I think The Mod Collective’s stuff looks good enough to eat, and I would love to fill my kitchen cupboard with coloured glasses and plates and bowls if I could (I can’t, I have a kitchenwear addiction and I have put an embargo on buying anything else for a long while. First world problems, my friends).

Best of all? Everything here is Australian made and owned. Shop your little hearts out, people!

Until next time,

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    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      Thanks Anna! They also had huge, gorgeous platters that I could easily have walked away with. If only my kitchen cupboards weren’t already full to bursting with ktichenware!


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