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Bumper edition of my favourite links from the web over the past….month I guess? I’ve had a LOT of stuff bookmarked to look at later, so here you go!

Jerry and George, together again. I’m a huge Seinfeld fan, so I’m delighted that one of the Superbowl commercials featured them. Sure, it’s advertising Jerry’s show, but still, George has his trusty red parka, they’re at the coffee shop (the REAL one – I’ve been there!) and they run into Newman. Good times. (via Daily Life)

I checked out of the Gilmore Girls a few seasons before it finished, but who can forget the strummy strum strumming and la la la-ing of the music? This is a nice article on the Gilmore Girls score by the artist Sam Phillips. I really should rent the DVDs and see how the show ended…. (via Refinery29)

I know I’m not the only one addicted to Pharrell’s Happy, so you definitely will want to see what happens when a piano on a Melbourne street is played by singer/songwriter Gillian Cosgriff. I love a bit of street music, and this is delightful! (via grist)

If you liked the previous link, you’re going to love this link to a cover of the Friends theme song that will send shivers down your spine. It’s the easy listening very, obviously. (via Mashable)

You need to read these 30 mean notes from kids to their parents. Spoiler alert: these kids are PISSED. (via Distractify)

This is my most favourite thing ever. EVER. It did the rounds a couple of weeks ago, but whatever. Watch it again. DO IT. Every famous dance scene combined to create the greatest music video ever. (via Purple Clover)

I love the cool photo sets that emerge from Sundance. This set of 1860s portraits of the stars at Sundance. Weirdly they all look much older than they are. No wonder people in real photos from that era look so depressed. The camera adds twenty years to their faces. (via Esquire)

What’s your favourite song? It might be on this list of 33 fascinating stories behind famous songs. (via Mental Floss)

During Summer, it’s really, really hard to imagine how cold it is in the USA. So seeing these photos of Michigan transformed into stunning icicles. I’ve only seen snow about four times in my life, so this is amazing to me. It honestly looks like photos of snow covered lighthouses. Amazing. (via Mail Online)

Seen anything else good this week online? Let me know!

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