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I bought a few small things in the post-Christmas sales, mostly work clothes, but this dress has to be my favourite. It’s technically my Christmas gift from my mum, but I chose it myself after Christmas.

I saw this dress before Christmas in Myer, but couldn’t justify the $200 plus price tag. Waited two weeks and bam, 25% off! Still too expensive for what it is (in my opinion), but I just couldn’t resist the colour! Though I was worried that it was too much green (I may have asked my husband if it was too Kermit the Frog. He assured me it wasn’t), it’s just such a vibrant shade that I couldn’t leave it on the sales rack.

Please excuse my STARK WHITE LEGS. I am inflicted with Pale Skin Syndrome, and while I can get a nice bronze suntan with the best of the baking beauties on the beach, but I choose not to. You know, for skin cancer reasons.

Dress: David Lawrence Zig Zag Seam Detail Dress, $229AUD (but mine was about $175 with the discount). I love the simple, fitted cut of the bodice, and the A-line flared skirt is perfect for my curvy bottom half.

Shoes: Nine West Aloha flats in white (though they are actually a cream colour, not white at all), $59.95AUD. I bought mine online after my sister came home with them from Chadstone. She walked in the door, showed them to me, told me they were having an extra percentage off sale on the marked price, so I jumped online and bought them within half an hour of seeing hers. I am easily swayed by a good discount, obviously. I got mine for $40AUD because of the Boxing Day sales, but at the current sale price they’re still a great deal. And they go with most of my dresses, so that’s a bonus.

Belt: Oroton. I bought this about two years ago from the factory outlet shop at Brandsmart in Nunawading for about $30AUD, and it goes with everything. I needed something to break up the green (because of the Kermit feeling), and it matches my shoes. I enjoy matching. A lot.

Now that I’m back at work after holidays, I’m looking forward to wearing this and feeling cool and (hopefully) chic on these blisteringly hot days we’re having.

Have you picked up anything good in the January sales? I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time,

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4 comments on “Chic To Do Wears – David Lawrence

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      Thanks! I almost got the black one with the green butterfly print because I loved how it looked like Tiffany glass, but I thought the solid green was nicer for summer. I hate wearing too much black in the summer time!


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