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Some of you will remember from my old blog that I do a bit of patchwork quilting, and this year in March I did a few more classes before my maternity leave ended because I wanted a new project to work on throughout the year. I decided to make a quilt for my older sister, who lives and works in Suzchou, China, as a secondary school teacher, with the aim to give it to her as her Christmas present. I’m very pleased to say I made the deadline, finishing this quilt on December 23rd, with just days to spare!

The quilt pattern was purchased at Amitie Textiles in Gardenvale where I’ve been doing my classes, and the pattern is called Guinevere. My teacher is actually the designer of the quilt pattern. When I first started doing classes at Amitie in 2012, I walked in and saw a Guinevere quilt hanging on the wall and knew I wanted to learn how to make it.

The flower is called a Dresden Plate, and is actually very easy to sew. I was nervous because it’s made up of so many pieces, but once you learn how to sew the strips on the machine, putting one together is very simple. The centre is hand sewn on towards the end stage.

Guinivere Quilt 01

I chose these colours because my sister loves aqua, and the floral fabric that I used for the wide border you see above was one of the first ones I chose, so the colour tones in the flowers influenced the rest of the fabrics I used.

Some of the fabrics were purchased at Spotlight, and some were purchased at Amitie (which has THE most divine fabrics and accessories. Seriously, it’s like a craft closet from heaven). There was only one troublesome fabric and it was the aqua one with the green, grey, and beige polka dots on it. It was such a thin, fine fabric that it frayed so easily as I cut it, so I definitely won’t be using it again on anything else.

The backing fabric was a match made in FABRIC HEAVEN. I wanted to use something coral, but everything we tried was either too pink or too red (colour matching patchwork fabrics is my MOST important first world problem), but my teacher pulled this out and lay it on the quilt and it was obviously perfect. The coral lines in between the aqua and white pick up the coral on the front so nicely. The binding (the edging fabric) wouldn’t have been my first choice, mostly because I didn’t really want to use a stripe, but I couldn’t find a nice yellow or coral to match any of the fabrics. Though now that it’s done I think it looks quite nice.

I am ridiculously pleased that I was able to make this quilt – I had previously only sewn quilts with squares, anything with multiple angles freaked me out, but now I’m ready to take on anything. Triangles! Circles! Other shapes! BRING IT!

But mostly I’m pleased I was able to finish it in time for Christmas and give it to my sister so her apartment in China has something that wasn’t purchased from the Chinese Ikea they have to buy their homewares from. Generic bed linen can suck it! Now she has something personal and pretty to make her think of home.

Until next time,

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6 comments on “Crafty Lady – Patchwork Quilt

  1. Kiki Chaos

    Wow, that is pretty amazing! I think you’re playing it down to say it looks harder than it is – even plain squares can be tough. You’re very talented! And what a special gift for your sister. I’m sure she’ll think of you often when she’s using it.
    xx Kiki

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      Thanks Kiki! You’re right, plain squares can be tough – it’s all in the measurements and getting those exactly right when you’re cutting the fabric. I’ve learned that the hard way many times now!

  2. Melanie

    What a beautiful gift that I know your sister already cherishes. You have picked the perfect colours. So many hours of stitching must have gone into it.

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      Thanks Melanie! Yeah, a few hours went into it! The colours were fun to work with and I know they’re some of Angela’s favourites.


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