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We had a wedding on Saturday, and it was a nice excuse to shop for a new outfit! Wedding outfit_2013 I don’t know why, but for the last year or so I’ve been so drawn to blue clothing! The colour of this dress was stunning, a bright electric blue, so I wanted some colourful shoes and bag to set it off. The jacket was a last minute purchase when I realised it wasn’t going to be hot on Saturday, and I’m glad I bought it, because it kept me warm, and also because of it’s crisp, sharp lines.

Dress: Basque Vibrant Indigo Asymmetrical Side Rouched Super Stretch Dress. From Myer, $149AUD. I loved how comfy this dress was. Easy to wear, stretchy without being clingy, with a nice structured neckline. The stretchy fabric also let me eat the delicious dessert at the wedding without worrying that it would become too tight, so that’s paid for itself right there. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen how amazingly constructed the dessert was – it was utterly divine. The only thing I’m kind of displeased about is that I saw the dress in Myer on sale yesterday for $80. Annoying! Though it’s worth noting that on numerous occasions I have searched high and low for a nice dress at a decent price, only to return to Myer and purchase a Basque dress. I don’t know what it is, the brand just fits my body so much better than anything else.

Jacket: Portmans Short Notice Jacket, $69.95AUD. Like I said, a nice little jacket with sharp lines and a nice feel. Not as bulky as a blazer and not as short as a cropped jacket (which, on the long-torsoed person like me look ridiculous). I’m really happy with this addition to my wardrobe.

Shoes: Novo Labibi heel in Coral, $79.95AUD. I was hoping to get a yellow or spearmint coloured shoe, but when I saw this colour I loved it. Coral is such a vibrant shade, and I love it in Summer, so I thought it was a nice way to give the outfit a little pop of colour. They were sort of comfortable, though I was hobbling a bit by the end of the night, but beauty is pain when it comes to shoes.

Bag: Colette Square Lock Envelope Clutch in Orange, $34.95AUD. This is actually a coral colour that matched the shoes exactly, not orange at all. It was a nice sized clutch and it also had a strap inside which was handy for the end of the night when I was juggling two boxed cupcakes and an umbrella on the walk back to our hotel. However, the lining inside ripped almost the whole way along a mere three hours after I bought it, and before I had even transferred my stuff into it for the evening, so it got returned the next day.

Earrings: a cheap $5 pair from Lovisa. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t inflame my ears, as cheap earrings so often do. They must have been nickel free. I was also pleasantly surprised by their range of sterling silver earrings, some of which were quite tasteful. Anyway, they matched my shoes and bag without being too visible since my hair covered them most of the time.

The venue was the RACV City Club on Bourke Street, and they had a nice terrace, which is where the photo is taken. Shame it wasn’t a sunnier day, but the view at night was lovely, right in the middle of the CBD. We had a fabulous time and tottered back to the Intercontinental hotel at the Rialto for the night, which was a little treat to ourselves (and the first night we had spent away from the baby, so it was a milestone for us).

I am somewhat disappointed with my hair, which I tried to curl, but it didn’t work AND I burned my forehead with the curling wand. I do not know what happens to my hair when I try to curl it. It curls nicely, but then the curls just drop into waves that turn back into….my normal, straight/wavy hair almost immediately. It’s such a waste of time, and yet I persist! One day I shall master the art of the curl….

ETA: I forgot to mention that my make up was done by one of me best friends, who is a trained make up artist, and she was kind enough to do my make up for me that morning. She always does such a fantastic job!

Until next time,

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