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Over at Boredom Abounds By Julia, I used to do a weekly link round up on a Friday, which was always one of my favourite posts of the week. The internet is just SO vast and weird and wonderful. So I’ll try to continue to do a link post, perhaps not each week, but at least fortnightly, because there is some crazy and fabulous stuff out there.

– We have to start with the San Fransisco Batkid. Basically, the Make a Wish foundation granted a five year old cancer patient’s wish to be batman. The ENTIRE CITY helped them out, and the result is freaking amazing. If you don’t get choked up ready this story, YOU ARE A ROBOT. I mean, President Obama even Vined about it. That is some seriously amazing stuff.

– This ad for a girl’s range of engineering toys is very cute and very clever. My husband is an engineer, and I’m happy that she has at least one parent who can show her how to built stuff and fix the things that I break.

– How many times have you seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? A hundred or so? Well, then you’ll definitely want to read this article about the family who owned the house the movie was filmed in. The family lived there during the filming and got nice and cosy with the crew.

– I was 16 years old in 1998, so I was listening to a lot of music and watching a lot of music videos. This Vulture post on one hit wonders from that year was a fun trip down memory lane. Remember when Dawson’s Creek used Billie Myers’ Kiss The Rain and it was, like, THE most perfect song ever used in a TV scene?

– I don’t really watch Saturday Night Live, but I came across this clip a while ago and it cracked me up. Mom Jeans: because you’re not a woman anymore, you’re a Mom! It is just 90s perfection.

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