Beauty – Winter Buys

I don’t spend big all that frequently on beauty products. I buy what I need, when I need it, and I go back and forth between buying new products and staying with old faithfuls that I know work on my normal-to-dry skin. Last week I realised that I’ve tried out a few new things in the last three months so I wanted to do a quick round up.

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil – $49AUD
I bought this pencil in August after having my make up done at Mecca Maxima for a wedding. You pay $90 to have your make up done and you get $90 worth of complimentary products of your choosing. I’ve known for a while that I need to start filling in my eyebrows a little. When you get your eyebrows waxed regularly and almost every time the girl asks you if you want your eyebrows filled in or if you’d like to buy an eyebrow pencil (or both), you realise that maybe, just maybe your eyebrows are too patchy. Thank you pregnancy from three and a half years ago for that lovely side effect – balding eyebrows. I’m kind worried I’m going to become one of those ladies who wears glasses on a chain and has shimmery, completely drawn on eyebrows, but I’m not there yet. So as part of my complimentary product, I bought this Hourglass pencil the girl at Mecca used on my eyebrows. It has a wind up, angled crayon at one end, and a mascara wand at the other. You just fill in the front part of the eyebrow and comb it through. It’s idiot proof, which, given my inability to master any kind of eyeliner, is really great. It’s not cheap for a pencil (to me), but I think it will last a while.
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Thoughts of the Week #10

– These sunny days have made me start picking up my camera and really try to make a concerted effort to practice my photography a lot more. It probably helps that we have a garden now, and the afternoon sunlight in our much larger house is just lovely to shoot in and outside of. I’ve… Continue reading ->

Sunday Smoothie Series – Raspberry, orange and guava


Oops, haven’t done one of these for a little while! We’ve been busy getting stuff done out in the garden now that the weather has become less cold, which means that on Sundays we’ve been up and at ’em without much time to indulge in a smoothie. Last week I had a craving though, and… Continue reading ->

Podcast – The Pop Culture Hour with Julia & Kimberley: Episode 11 – Pilots


Well, all of August went by in a freezing cold blur and we just couldn’t get out from under our nice, warm blankets to get a podcast done. But we have a good reason! We were busy prepping for episode eleven by watching a bunch of pilot episodes! Kimberley and I wanted to watch the… Continue reading ->

Book Review – David Herbert’s Best Home Cooking

When the lovely folks at Penguin gave me the opportunity to take a sneak peek at David Herbert’s latest cookbook I jumped at the chance. Best Home Cooking is exactly that: a collection of two hundred recipes from Herbert’s Weekend Australian contributions that are delicious, easy meals and sweets best cooked and enjoyed at home… Continue reading ->