Podcast – The Pop Culture Hour with Julia and Kimberley: EP02


Episode two of The Pop Culture Hour with Julia & Kimberley is up!

This month we focused on comfort food viewing. That is, the TV shows and movies we can watch infinitely because they’re so familiar and comforting. The types of shows that you can have on in the background and tune in and out as you do other stuff, or the stuff you put on when you’re stuck on the couch with the flu, comforted in the thought of knowing how happy it’s going to make you feel when you watch the last episode of Friends for the millionth time.

I don’t want to spoil the whole episode, but I will reveal that in discussing my favourite movies, I discovered that a lot of them involve a lot of the same people. Okay, a lot of them involve Tom Hanks. And I’m sure I’m not alone – his films are just so watchable and so enjoyable, like a chicken cup-a-soup and a cheese and bacon roll for lunch in Winter when you have a cold. It just feels so nice, you know?

We can’t wait to hear what your comfort food viewing is, so keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram and join the conversation!

Episode 2: Comfort Food Viewing is available for download on SoundCloud for free here!


Running thumb

You guys, I’ve been doing something. Something I never thought I would do. I’ve been running. Not away from anything. Not towards anything. Just running. And…I think I like it.

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Beauty salon pic

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