Music – Sara Bareilles Live in Melbourne

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Photo credit: Take 40

Everyone has a singer that they love, that they would recommend to people over and over again, that they wait years and years to see live in concert. For me, that’s Sara Bareilles. I started listening to her music in about 2007, when I saw someone recommend that week’s free iTunes song of the week, a song by an artist I’d never heard of. It was Love Song, Bareilles’ breakout commercial hit, though it took a while for that song to take off here in Australia – probably a good six to twelve months after I first heard it. As soon as I heard it though, I was hooked. It was such a perfect, anti-love song, and her voice was so strong and upbeat that I instantly started hunting around for her other music. That was the start. Six years, an EP and two albums later and I’m still completely in love with her music, so when she started hinting online about touring here I was on tenterhooks, waiting for the formal announcement so I could jump on the tickets as soon as they went on sale. The show was announced in July, and I snapped up two tickets straight away and Natalie and I went along to the show this past Saturday night.
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Beauty – Arbonne

I mentioned recently that I’ve tried Arbonne over the past few months, and was fairly pleased with it. And my my very expensive foundation ran out this week (which I normally purchase on Strawberry Net with a discount so it’s not as hideously expensive). Actually, quite a few things ran out these past few weeks,… Continue reading ->

Interior Design – A little girl’s room

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So, I like Pinterest, and I’ve liked a few pages on Facebook that are kids shops with decor and furniture, and now that my daughter is two and a half and we’re going to take the rail off her cot tomorrow (GOD HELP ME), so I’ve been thinking about how I might decorate her room… Continue reading ->

Podcast – The Pop Culture Hour with Julia and Kimberley: EP02


Episode two of The Pop Culture Hour with Julia & Kimberley is up! This month we focused on comfort food viewing. That is, the TV shows and movies we can watch infinitely because they’re so familiar and comforting. The types of shows that you can have on in the background and tune in and out… Continue reading ->