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WATCH THIS SHOW. Seriously, I cannot recommend it enough and I am not joking when I say I have never seen a more brilliantly written season 2 of television in my life. I’m not even going to tell you any more than that, just GO AND WATCH IT. Ok, look I’ll say it involves a dysfunctional family with a traditional British stiff upper lip way of handling life, a woman trying to overcome the death of her best friend, and a sexy priest (“SO HOT”). I can’t even explain it properly – I went into it knowing absolutely nothing, and I’m glad I did because it surprised me in the best possible way.

Veronica Mars
I realised earlier this year I had never actually seen all three seasons of Veronica Mars (or the film they did a few years ago), so I’m fixing that before season 4 comes out. I’m right in the middle of season 2 and despite the early 00s technology, the show holds up pretty well, despite some not so amazing acting from the bit parts who pop up every so often never to be seen again. A teenage girl who moonlights as a private investigator with exceptional snooping skills sounds far fetched, but the show works. I love the constant shift of character dynamics and the extremely satisfying mystery solving at the end of most episodes that plays alongside the overarching season long mystery. The music alone is worth the rewatch for any 90s/00s teens.

The Bold Type
I just discovered this show and it’s a COMPLETE DELIGHT. Three twenty somethings working at a fashion magazine in New York sounds cliché, but this show just works. The writers know exactly when to skip the annoying minutiae to keep the plot moving and the three main actresses are so on point with the dialogue, it’s delicious crack. A supporting cast that is beautifully nuanced means you too should binge watch all three seasons in less than two weeks like I did. It’s kind of a younger sister to Younger, and I might even like it a tiny bit more?

The Letdown
This will resonate mostly with parents, particularly new parents, but it’s worth a watch anyway. It’s Australian and season 1 is on Netflix while season 2 is in ABC iView, and it’s a funny and poignant look at how new parents constantly feel like their fucking it all up and being judged by other parents. Centred around new mother Audrey, and her partner Jeremy, the show follows Audrey’s parents’s group, her attempt at returning to work, trying to sleep train her baby, and her fellow parents’s group friends as they navigate their own unique parenting experiences. There are so many moments in there that new parents will suspect has been lifted directly out of their own newborn baby blur of days.

After Life
I don’t mind Ricky Gervais, and I think he touches on the best and worst parts of humanity, particularly in his later work. After Life is the darkest work he’s done, but it’s a surprising viewing experience. Gervais plays Tony, a man whose wife recently died of cancer. With no children, a fairly average job at a local newspaper, and not much else going on besides looking after his dog, Tony’s days are filled with suicidal thoughts (and almost attempts), sampling illicit drugs as a way of coping, visiting his dementia riddled elderly father, and stopping past his wife’s gravesite to chat to her. The show starts off and seems awful initially, but if you push on, you’ll discover that it is a comedy in the truly darkest of ways.

Stranger Things
When this first aired NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast described it as a “kids riding bikes show” similar to what we watched growing up in the 80s, and they’re not wrong. It’s so nostalgic filled for that reason and despite it being centred around a bunch of kids, the past two seasons have had me on the edge of my seat. I’m so excited that season 3 has dropped and I’ll be watching it ASAP this week.

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