2014 Emmy Awards – Fashion Hits and Misses

There was a lot of white and a lot of red at this year’s Emmy Awards. That basically sums it up, but Imma do some fashion hits and misses anyway, because there were a lot of both.

But first: Apparently, this is Gwen Stefani.

Yeah, I’ll give you a minute to squint at this image and then go and Google what she usually looks like. Because she either sent a relative who sort of looks like her, or she really messed with her perfectly fine face.

Is this Gwen Stefani? “IS IT?” she screamed at the internet.

(I just showed this photo to my husband and he had no idea who it was. When I told him it is allegedly Gwen Stefani he said “I thought it was Cher!”)
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Running thumb

You guys, I’ve been doing something. Something I never thought I would do. I’ve been running. Not away from anything. Not towards anything. Just running. And…I think I like it.

Podcast – The Pop Culture Hour with Julia and Kimberley: EP01


So, a while ago, maybe at the end of last year or earlier this year, I started listening to a few podcasts. Usually about things like TV and film, but mostly just general chit chat ones. I kept thinking “This is so cool, just a few people sitting around, talking about stuff they like and… Continue reading ->

Beauty – Arbonne

Beauty salon pic

Has anyone else heard of Arbonne? I hadn’t, until two weeks ago when I went to an Arbonne party at my friend’s house. It’s like Tupperware, Intimo, any of those brands that sells to people directly in their homes via parties. I went along because I wanted to support my friend and because who doesn’t… Continue reading ->