Life – My Hospital Bag

This definitely isn’t a Mummy blog, but after having been to hospital twice to deliver babies, I’ve learned a little something about what to pack in my bag for the hospital stay and what I didn’t really need despite those lists of what I supposedly needed to bring with me. Here’s a little insight into my hospital bag that any expectant mothers might find useful. It’s not everything in my bag, just my absolute must-haves. Note this is just stuff for me/you, not stuff for the baby. If you want to know what to bring for baby, there are a million lists out there that are all basically the same (jumpsuits x 5, singlets x 5, bunny rugs x 3, nappies, wipes, the end).

For the birth:

1. Wireless bluetooth speakers
I really enjoyed the distraction of music while in labour, and I had two playlists, one called “Delivery Room – Fast” and one called “Delivery Room – Slow” and they were what you imagine. Fast music for when I needed to focus on a beat or fast rhythm of my favourite upbeat songs, and a slow one for when I needed quiet time but didn’t want just the silence of the delivery room. I also found these great for during the days once bub was born to have a little music playing softly in the hospital room to drown out the sounds of the hospital. We used my iPod and iPhone’s bluetooth to have music playing nearly constantly while in the delivery room. It also meant that when my babies were born, there would be a song playing that I will associate with that moment for the rest of my life, which is nice when I hear it on the radio or it comes up on my iPod in shuffle mode. An instant reminder of a wonderful moment in our lives. For my daughter it’s Sitting’ On The Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding. For my son, we’re not sure because things happened VERY quickly, so I know there was a Killers song playing a few minutes after he was born, but in the moments before that? We have no idea, sadly!
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A Quilt and An Announcement


Hi! It’s been kind of quiet around here this year, hasn’t it? My posts have been sporadic at best, which I’m fully aware of. Not sure how many people still read my blog (going by my stats I would say not a lot, disappointingly), but for anyone still checking in, I wanted to explain my… Continue reading ->

Baking – Jumbo Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies


I don’t make cookies and cakes with nuts in them because my daughter has a nut allergy. But recently I was overtaken by the urge to make a really nice, soft peanut butter cookie. I do have a peanut cookie recipe in my favourite recipe book, but I wanted something super soft and chocolate-y, which… Continue reading ->

Spring Sandal Edit – Luxe and Less


I recently did a wardrobe clean out and threw away literally every pair of sandals I own. Every single pair. They were all at least three years old or more, some of them had straps that were wearing out or broken (but the sandal itself was still wearable), and a lot of them weren’t really… Continue reading ->

Outdoor Dining


Despite all the rain here in Melbourne (seriously, dudes), I’m starting to day dream about warm Summer nights where we can relax outside on the back porch and eat dinner as the sun sets and watch our daughter play in the backyard. Before we moved last year, we only had a very small courtyard space… Continue reading ->

2016 Emmy Awards Fashion Hits and Misses

Emmy Award

Resurfacing after an unscheduled blogging break to bring you the Emmy Award Fashion hits and misses! We’ve had a tough month of sickness in our house, and though I wasn’t sick as my husband and daughter, I feel very run down and exhausted. So this year’s Emmys red carpet was a welcome breath of fresh… Continue reading ->

Crafty Lady – Girl’s skirts

Girls skirts THUMBNAIL

I’ve been annoyed at little girl’s skirts in shops the past two Winters (and Summers, let’s be honest). They are usually about as long as the bottom of their bum cheeks, and even with tights on in Winter, they’re still too damn short for my liking, especially on my four year old with long, long… Continue reading ->