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Long weekend! Easter eggs! Hooray! Easter eggs are by far my favourite kind of chocolate, especially Cadbury. They just taste…better, you know? Anyway, I hope you all had a nice sleep in this morning on your day off. Here’s a cute little hedgehog:


And now here are some links!
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Interior Style – Retro Lounge Room

Retro Lounging

Last weekend I had to stop off at Freedom Furniture to buy a gift card. I haven’t been in a furniture shop for a while because, well, we have our place and we have furniture (obviously), so there’s no real need to browse shops like that. But lately, with everyone talking about The Block (which… Continue reading ->

Links I Love

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My first Autumnal link love post! I’m writing this as I watch Almost Famous. I forgot how good Kate Hudson is in it. Makes me almost forgive her for the crapfest that was Bride Wars. – I’m starting this week with something a little melancholy. Despite it being twenty one minutes long, you’re going to… Continue reading ->

TV – Watching Right Now


Working and having a toddler means I don’t watch as much TV as I used to. Shame, because I loooove TV. I love it so much I studied it at uni (along with film and popular culture. People may say an Arts degree is useless, but hot damn it’s fun to do anyway). And these… Continue reading ->