Oscars 2015 – Fashion Hits and Misses

Running a little late with my Oscars fashion hits and misses because of real life stuff that’s kept me busy. But I wasn’t so busy that I didn’t notice how everyone really BROUGHT IT to the Oscars red carpet this year. There was some gorgeous stuff, and some truly heinous stuff, but first and foremost, there was Jared Leto channeling Jesus:

But first, did you bring your formal unitard onesie? Solange sure did!

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Links I Love

Links I Love thumbnail

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but with my Road to the Oscars series nearing completion, I’ve got the showbiz on the brain! And so does the rest of the internet apparently, because I feel like every link I click on is Oscars related, or SNL related, or something . So of… Continue reading ->

Sunday Smoothie Series – Breakfast Smoothie

Kiwi fruit

A new series that I literally just thought of yesterday. Some (possibly uninteresting) backstory: I have been thinking for some time that I really need to eat more fruit. I am not a Fruit Person. Sure, I like a bit of watermelon in Summer, and a juicy, sweet yellow nectarine eaten over the kitchen sink… Continue reading ->